Dingoes are a kind of wild dog in "The Wild Thornberrys TV Show"


Dingoes can be either brownish gold or white-cream colored and weigh about 80 pounds. They are Australia's top predator.


In Real Life

Dingoes, like most wild dogs, live and hunt in groups called packs to catch larger and faster prey like the kangaroo. And like other dogs, they bark, howl, growl, snarl, yelp, and whimper. Sometimes they can be domesticated and tamed by people.

In The Wild Thornberrys TV Show

In "Operation: Valentine"

The Dingoes are only seen from a distance. They could be seen pacing along the Great Dingo Fence.

In "Dances With Dingoes"

Debbie discovers Eliza "talking" to dingoes and threatens to tell her parents. Eliza, concerned about the possibility of being shipped back to the United States as a science experiment, seeks help from nearby Aborigines.

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