Eliza Unplugged is the last episode of The Wild Thornberrys


Shane is ready to leave the Thornberrys to go back to his life as a pop star and Eliza has to be fast to tell Shane her true feelings for him before its too late. But when Shane and Eliza have a little fight and Shane runs away Eliza must find him to make up and tell him her true feelings. Meanwhile, Marianne fears the girls are getting older and she's losing them. When Shane's plane arrives Shane says goodbye to each Thornberry and shares a kiss with Eliza. Eliza watches his plane take off and disappear from view.

Character Appearance

Main Characters:

  1. Eliza Thornberry
  2. Nigel Thornberry
  3. Marianne Thornberry
  4. Debbie Thornberry
  5. Shane G.


  • The series finale.