The Fossa is a feline-like mongoose from The Wild Thornberrys TV Series.


The Fossa looks like a cat with a long tail, brown fur, rounded ears, a circled nose, and rectractable claws that help it climb around the forests of Madagascar.


In Reality

The fossa hunts at day or night. Its favorite dish is lemurs of every kind. Usually they live alone, but sometimes they hunt in small groups to catch the larger species of lemur. The reason the fossa is an endangered species is that trees are being chopped down. Fossas often live near people to hunt livestock such as chickens. 2,500 fossas are left in the wild.

In The Wild Thornberrys TV Series

In Family Tradition

Near the end of this episode, a fossa is seen drinking at a watering hole near the Thornberry camp. Nigel stands about 5 feet away from it while Marianne uses the camera to take a video until Donnie scares the fossa away.

Gallery of Real Fossas

Gallery of the Fossa from the show