Gold Fever is the fourth episode of The Wild Thornberrys from season one.

Characters Present


Eliza and Debbie find a chest of gold.


This episode takes place on the Galapagos Islands. The Thornberry family arrives at the islands. Eliza runs off as usual and recieves advice from a wise old tortoise she finds. The reptile tells her about an old pirate ship located nearby. Eliza, Darwin, and Debbie go to investigate and discover an old treasure map. The map shows them how to find the ship Eliza heard about earlier, which contains a chest full of gold.

They set out to claim their "riches". They enter a volcanic cave and search. Once the gold is discovered, however, greed sets in and the girls begin an all-out battle of trickery to get the gold away from each other. The battle continues all the way down to the last coin, until they accidentally lose all the gold in a fiery lava pit inside one of the islands' volcanoes.


  • It is revealed in this episode that Eliza has dreams of being a queen and owning her own amusement park and a space station.


Eliza: Debbie thinks we're chicken.

Darwin: But chickens have wings and beaks and they go "BAK-BAK-BAK!".