Hyenas are animals from "[1]".


There are four types of hyenas:

The 190-pound spotted hyena, the largest, is identified by its brown coat with black spots, as well as its round ears, slope back, short back legs, and long front legs.

The 120-pound striped hyena is the second largest, and it's gray with black stripes and pointed ears.

The 95-pound brown hyena, the 3rd largest, is brown with a tawny head, grey legs with black stripes, and pointed ears.

The 30-pound aardwolf is the smallest, and it's identified by its gray coat with black stripes and pointed ears.


In real life

Spotted Hyena

Spotted hyenas have a sound that sounds like human laughter. Despite looking like dogs, they're actually more closely related to cats. Their groups, called clans, can have from 40 to 100 hyenas. Their clans are led by an alpha female, which is bigger and more aggressive than the male. Females usually give birth to two cubs. Leadership of the clan is handed down from mother to daughter. Usually at night, hyenas may hunt animals like gazelle, wildebeest, zebra, and buffalo, but they also steal some other animal's dinner or pick up the leftovers. A hyena's jaw can crush and eat bones. Spotted hyenas live in most parts of Africa, but not in the deepest rainforests and the driest deserts.

Brown Hyena

The brown hyena eats insects, carrion, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. It hunts alone but lives in small clans. Brown hyenas live in the southern tip of Africa.

Striped Hyena

The striped hyena is nocturnal, lives in small clans, hunts alone, and lives in eastern and northern Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and India, When surprised, the hyena raises its mane to make itself bigger and more frightening. The striped hyena can eat bugs, fruit, and small animals.


The aardwolf lives in underground burrows in eastern and southern Africa. Unlike their larger cousins, they live alone and eat ants and termites, lapping them up with their tongues.

In the TV Series

In "[2]"

Eliza frees a spotted hyena from captivity, but having never lived in the wild, he doesn't know how to survive.

Eliza attempts to teach him, but it seems hopeless--until a warthog threatens them and the hyena's natural instincts take over.

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