Jackals are wild dogs from "The Wild Thornberrys TV Series"


There are four types of jackals:

  • The black-backed jackal (identified by the black and silver hairs on its back) can be 35 inches long and weigh up to 30 pounds.
  • The golden jackal (identified by its brownish gold coat) can be 56 inches long and weigh up to 33 pounds.
  • The side-striped jackal (identified by the white stripes on its flanks) can be 48 inches long and weigh up to 48 inches long and weigh up to 31 pounds.
  • The Simien jackal, also called the Ethiopian wolf or Simien fox, (identified by the scarlet red coat) can weigh up to 43 pounds and measure 56 inches long.


In Real Life

Jackals live in pairs or small packs. They sometimes hunt small animals, but their main food source is dead animals killed by bigger predators. The only jackal found in Asia in addition to Africa is the golden jackal. The other three species are found mainly in Africa. In Bale Mountains National Park, there are 440 Ethiopian wolves.

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In The Wild Thornberrys

In Cheetahs Never Prosper

While Eliza, Donnie, Darwin, and Tano the cheetah cub are in the desert looking for Tano's mother, a pack of six jackals charges straight for them. Eliza, Darwin, Tano, and Donnie jump up a tree while the jackals anxiously wait for the cheetah cub to come down. Then, Tano's mother appears and chases off the jackals, one by one.

Gallery of Real Jackals

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