Neil Beiderman is a fictional poacher in the TV series "The Wild Thornberrys". Beiderman is almost always shown with Kip O' Donnell. Physically, Beiderman is a heavyset, somewhat short man. He bears a slight resemblence to comedian Patton Oswalt. Beiderman appears to be slightly younger than his friend, Kip. Beiderman has styled brown hair, and almost always wears a green military outfit, black boots, and rectangle-framed sunglasses. He speaks in a high-pitched, silly sounding voice. In Vacant Lot, he says he has a cousin in Fresno. Beiderman is shown to be much clumsier and less intelligent than his friend, Kip. He is also not as dastardly as Kip. Kip and Beiderman can be seen as a stereotypical dumb crook-smart crook duo. He is voiced by Jerry Sroka, though in some episodes he is also voiced by Michael Jeter.


Neil Beiderman in the front of a mine cart. Kip is behind him.