Operation Valentine is an Episode of Nickleodeons The Wild Thornberrys. As the title of the episode implies it takes place on Valentines Day.

The Thornberrys are broken down on the Outback of Astrailia. The Mail plane drops of the Thornberrys current batch of mail. Debbie tries to bake cookies, which turn out badly. Eliza, Darwin and Donnie go on a hike where Eliza's side keeps hurting. They try to escape from an angry eagle by climbing up a small mountian. Eliza slips and nearly falls. Drawion pulls her up on top of the small mountian. She states that her side hurts and sends Donnie to go and Get one of thier parents. Nigel was on an exploration of his own and comes across Donnie. Donnie tries to convey that Eliza is in pain, which Nigel doesnt comprehend until he sees Darwin carrying Eliza. Nigel picks up Eliza in his arms and carries her back to camp. Marianne upon seeing Eliza's symptoms quickly looks them up in a medical book. They need to get Eliza to the hospital ASAP because it is her appendix. They try taking the mini-com but it gets a falt and they are unable to put the spare on it because the spare is already being used. Marianne then show Nigel his Valentines day gift, a very small two seater plane, which Nigel uses to get Eliza to the hospital. Nigel later apolgizes for not getting Marianne a gift for Valentines day, to which Marianne replies, "You saved our daughter."


Marianne: "You saved our daughter."

Eliza: "Please. You are a crybaby in a tank top!"


  • Nigel saves Eliza's life yet again


  • While heading back to the Com-vee, Darwin tries to lift Eliza's spirits regarding Donnie's safety by proposing that he's off "playing with Tasmanian devils". Tasmanian devils are only found on the island state of Tasmania, and not on mainland Australia where the episode takes place.