The pangolin is from The Wild Thornberrys TV Show.


The pangolin is a very odd mammal covered with tough scales. It looks like a big walking artichoke. It has a pink sticky tongue.


In Reality

Pangolins are native to Africa and Asia. Their sharp, armor plated scales protect against lions, tigers, and hyenas. They can even roll themselves in a tight ball. A pangolin's sticky tongue is perfect for eating termites. Some pangolins climb trees to escape their enemies. Pangolins are often nocturnal, which means they sleep during the day.

From The Wild Thornberrys TV Show

In April Fool's Day

Marianne and Darwin are out at night to film a pangolin. Darwin sees one and frightens it, making the scaly animal curl up into a ball. Marianne takes a small video of it before the pangolin wanders off into the darkness.

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