Temple of Eliza is the seventh episode of The Wild Thornberrys's first season which was first broadcast on September 17, 1998.


Eliza after being 'ignored' by her family members wanders off into the South American jungle where she comes across a trapped jaguar. She makes a deal with the jaguar that if she frees it that it must not attack her and Darwin. It agrees. As Eliza places a log into the pit she loses her necklace, which the grateful jaguar retries and returns to her. Eliza meets the other members of the group of jaguars. They show her the 'stone place' which is an old temple.


  • Jaguars and leopards can be distinguished through their spots. A jaguar has a much smaller spot in the center of its rosette spot, but the rosette spot of a leopard lacks this trait. In this episode, the jaguars' spots are more like those of a leopard, due to them lacking smaller spots within the rosette center.