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The Wild Thornberrys (Title)


The Wild Thornberrys follows the Thornberry family as they travel the world filming exotic animals. The youngest daughter Eliza has the ability to speak with animals. Eliza frequently gets herself into situations with animals, sometimes her parents find out about her adventures. Joining Eliza is her best friend, Darwin, a fearful and semi-domesticated chimp with a British accent.

Main characters[]

Eliza Thornberry - The main character. At the start of the series she is implied to be twelve as of "Eliza-cology". She has the ability to speak with animals. The power was gained two years prior to the start of the series.

Debbie Thornberry - Eliza's older sister. At the start of the series she is explicitly stated to be sixteen ("Flood Warning"). She states in "Eliza-cology" that she was four when Eliza was born.

Donnie Thornberry - Donnie is the Thornberrys' adopted son, he was officially adopted by the family in "The Origin of Donnie". He is four in most of the series but turns five in the special.

Marianne Thornberry - Marianne is the mother of the three (Debbie's and Eliza's biological mother and Donnie's adopted mother). She is also her husband camera person when filming Nigel Thornberry's Animal World, later Sir Nigel Thornberry's Animal World. She is the dispilnarian and often forces the girls to do thier homework/classwork, and in Eliza's case to stay in the Comvee.

Nigel Thornberry - Nigel is Debbie's and Eliza's bioloigical father, as well as Donnie's adopted father. He is the host of Nigel Thornberry's Animal World and later Sir Nigel Thornberry's Animal World. He is the more lax of the parents. He has saved Eliza a couple of times, the first time being "Nigel Knows Best" and the most notable was "Operation: Valentine".

Darwin - Darwin is Eliza's best friend, as well as being the first animal she had ever talked to. Eliza had called Darwin a "Crybaby in a tanktop" in "Dinner with Darwin". Darwin is often shown to be fearful when invovled in Eliza's adventures.


  • The show's intro was animated with digital ink and paint since episode one, despite the show as a whole using traditional cel animation for its first season and part of its second.