Tommy Pickles
Thomas Malcolm “Tommy” Pickles is the main character from Rugrats and All Grown Up, who also appears in the Rugrats and Wild Thornberrys crossover movie, Rugrats Go Wild!.


In the crossover movie, it was reveled that Tommy loves watching the Thornberrys' nature show (except Tommy think Nigel's last name is strawberry). Tommy is one of Nigel's biggest fans and says when he grows up, he wants to be just like him. But his bully cousin Angelica doubts about it.

Later on when he and the rest of the babies meet him in the Jungle on the island, Nigel accidentally falls and hits is head and thinks he's a baby. But later after hitting his head again in the Thornberrys' bathysphere he gets his memory back.

After Tommy, Nigel and the rest of the gang were saved, Nigel gives Tommy back to Stu and Didi.

Baby Tommy

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